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What do you believe?

I Believe

You run, you laugh, you hope, you dream….

but what do you really believe in?

I believe in true love

the power of the moon

& wishing upon a shooting star

I believe less is more

in living simply but living well

I believe in slowing down

watching & listening

I believe in dreaming BIG

listening to your heart

taking a leap of faith

I believe in thanking people often

giving compliments freely

the power of friendship

I believe in laughter as a cure

the power of music

the power of chocolate

I believe running can save your sanity

create balance

instill serenity & strength

make you jiggle less and feel sexy

I believe in the promise of a new day

the power of a smile

the power of coffee & wine

I believe in being bold

in asking for what you want

in taking chances and having no regrets

I believe children need love – not things

that disappointment is a learning opportunity

in raising the bar

I believe we are not promised a tomorrow

in telling people how you feel – today

I believe you become what you think about

in the strength of determination

in writing a new chapter

I believe in you

Celebrate the magic of Believing!   – kyra

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