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Women Run…to eat brownie batter?

“One day, she remembered that the only person who could make her happy was herself! So she took back her power, re-claimed her place in the world and shined like never before!” Anna Taylor

Happy May 1st!! This is my favorite month. WOMEN RUN celebrates it’s 4th Birthday and on May 11th we celebrate MOTHER’S DAY! We get one day. For 364 days a year we cater to our families, our homes, our pets, our aging parents, our work, our businesses, our children’s schedules, our shoulds. You know, “I should do this or I should that”. But this one day we get to do what we want to do, not just what we should do.

So…what do you want to do? Sleep in? Spend time with your family? Go to your mother-in-laws for dinner? Or maybe, go to a movie and sneak in a bottle of wine and your favorite pizza? (Wait, if you’re alone maybe it should just be a glass!)
Maybe run a road race with your girlfriends while your husband stays with the children. Or go for a walk on the beach and out to lunch with friends and laugh all afternoon. Go shopping, eat brownie batter, and the entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s. This is your day. Think this through. It won’t happen again for 365 days!

No matter what you decide, do the thing that makes you happiest. Everyone needs to hear this message. You are the only person who can make you happy. Things, people and events make you feel happy, but that deep down happy feeling comes from within. From the confidence of knowing who you are, what you want, and living a life you consciously chose. This is a scary feeling, but it’s so exhilarating! You have the power. You’ve had it all along my dear.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms & those who are like mom’s to so many of us!
We could never do it without you…

xo kyra

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