The WR Story

They say a girl never forgets her first…

I was 12 and it was my first road race. Immediately I felt a connection to the runners around me. Slow, fast, young, old. We all started and we all finished. Time was not important. Well, not that important. I was hooked! Running with kids from the neighborhood, we picked races based on small entry fees and cool tee shirts. I decided one day I would start my own race with a cool tee shirt.

Fast forward

As a mother of 3 young children and a business owner in a small town, I was always being asked to donate to local fund raisers, but I was frustrated by two things: not being involved in the effort and not knowing how my modest contribution could make a difference.

The solution

became obvious when a Mother’s Day appeal arrived in the mail from a good friend & running buddy who was involved with this non-profit. Up to that point, my Mother’s Day tradition consisted of waking up far too early to drive to a road race so I could start Mother’s Day doing something just for me.

I suggested we start a Mother’s Day Race locally to raise money for this Women focused charity. It would be a Win-Win. I could sleep in, run a race, and raise money for a fabulous cause. For those of you who have organized such an event, you know I was crazy to think I’d be sleeping in or that I’d have time to actually run the race! However, I was able to design a fun tee shirt and raise a great deal of money. After a few years of hosting the race, we decided to sell a hat to add to the bottom line. The words
“WOMEN RUN” were uttered and a business was born. Unable to sleep that night, my head raced with all the things women run and how two simple words could  help so  many women and girls  to stand on their own two feet and achieve their dreams!

The story builds

because women are strong, but women united are stronger. Women Run . . . celebrates all that women do. Run, walk, carpool, juggle: It honors our need to multi-task. With humor & inspiration Women Run encourages all of us to keep running and lend a hand to women and girls who need a boost.  Purchase with a purpose!  Let’s multi-task our way to goodness.

Women who run.. Join us!


Founder & Chief Running Officer