Women Run has inspired me to do more than I ever thought I could. I ran my first 5K and proudly wore my hat the whole way – I’m helping 2 women; someone who benefits from the programs they support, and ME. Thank you Women Run!

— Selina – Boulder, CO

I visited your booth at the Mattapoisett Mother’s Day 5K and instantly fell in love with your concept.  I was running with four of my best girlfriends and had to purchase each one of them a hat and magnet for their cars!!!

I never, in all of my life would have thought that I would become what one calls a runner.  I just wanted to let you know that in my training, my mind often goes to your logo  “Women Run ”  and what it means to me.  I have a core group of girlfriends that support, encourage and run with me and I believe that without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  We share a bond through running that no one else understands. I am successfully living the  “double bottom line ” lifestyle….taking care of others and taking care of myself.

— Kendra – Fairhaven, MA

Thank you for letting women know that not only is it okay to put yourself first, it is also an important piece of living a balanced life.

Somehow when I run, I always find answers, creative solutions and inner peace to issues and events in my life. This in turn energizes me to be more open, patient, and grateful – which frees me to be a better person in all roles of my life: mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, fundraiser, business owner and motivator.

— Martha – Providence, RI

You are an inspiration to women, young and old. I am not a runner, barely a walker, but what you have set out to accomplish has my admiration and respect. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

— Janice – PA

My executive coach just gave me a WOMEN RUN hat. She said it reminded her of me because I am always running – my company, my household, my kids schedules. Sometimes I run away from all those things when I just need a break. I was so encouraged to find your site. What a great organization with a great mission – so true, so simple. Thank you for having the courage and the guts and the good common sense to connect us. It makes me want to take up running again!

— Lisa – Cambridge, MA

Thanks so much for the very cool hat – WOMEN RUN – isn’t that the truth! I was very intrigued by the concept and the women who put it together. It was a very thoughtful and insightful gift!

— Sandy – Long Island City, NY

The girl’s run hat my daughter won today at the Mattapoisett Tiara Classic could not have spoken to her more clearly – Thank you! The run today and the hat will last her a lifetime.

— Annette – Marion, MA

Your product and message is a great one with huge potential. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for almost twenty years now and rarely see something that resonates with me like your company.

— Sally – FL

My husband bought me a black team jersey for Christmas and was sent a medium instead of a small. I just wanted to let you know the medium is PERFECT, so I’ll keep it! Thanks for sending a “stand-in” item even though the small was on backorder. What great customer service! Keep doing the good work!

Thanks much, and Happy 2012!

Thanks for the free shipping!!! That is AWESOME customer service. I LOVE this company!

I am excited about this next chapter in my life/career but, knowing that I am leaving a stable job in a few months is scary. Listening to you and the Women-Run story inspired me. It’s given me hope that it’s possible to create a career doing what you love and reminded me the importance of taking risks.

— Beth- Boston, MA

Love this site! Fun and Empowering for Women and young girls. Nice Job!

— Kathleen