WR Manifesto

Welcome to WOMEN RUN!

What is WOMEN RUN you ask?

Women Run Inc. is a running inspired lifestyle brand  whose sole purpose is to develop strong women, confident girls and  community support . Women today are multi-tasking over-achievers who run themselves ragged trying to do it all, have it all, and be everything to everyone.

Women Run Inc was inspired by and created for strong women who work hard and play hard. We understand you, your challenges, your fears, your hopes, & your dreams. You belong here. We shoulder your burdens and we’ve got your back. We use humor, camaraderie and inspiration as an anti-anxiety prescription for the modern woman’s hectic lifestyle.

Curious about the logo?

As women we wear many hats to run our busy lives, but truth be told, it’s the many shoes we wear that define our roles. One day Kyra, the founder, was ruminating on the play of the words “WOMEN RUN” and she had an epiphany as to why she had so many shoes in her closet.  She pulled out a bunch of those shoes and started sketching.  After a few variations, the logo was born.  The Women Run logo captures the emotional climate of  multi-tasking woman who deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.  Women often run (or run often) to relieve stress and save their sanity. Join us on your daily run! Which shoe are you?

What do we run for?

Our mission goes beyond selling super cool active wear (retail therapy) and hosting fun empowering events – The Sanity Chase. Women Run Inc is a socially responsible company who donates 10% of profits to organizations that help women achieve their dreams and brighten the future for little girls.

What do you run for?

Join the run!