Anatomy of WR

Our Anatomy



thinking ahead

Navigating our days is like running a road race, do we exercise before we get the children ready? Will we make it back from the field trip in time to present at the board meeting? What shoes should we wear? By leveraging the secret woman’s social network and being fiscally responsible – we are constantly re-evaluating what women want, how to connect with them, and how to make the biggest impact possible.




what’s close to our heart

We run for our health, for our sanity, and to stay connected with our girlfriends. We support the causes that are closest to our hearts – the ones that can help a woman achieve her dreams and brighten a little girl’s future.




Always willing to lend a hand and wanting to be a philanthropist from the time the word appeared on our 4th grade spelling list, we are creating a business that serves a need. Our company has a double bottom line with 10% of our profits going to charities that help women and girls stand on their own two feet to achieve their dreams.




strong core

Our company is made up of highly creative and extremely motivated seminal thinkers: we are passionate about others and we know that life is about the journey and having fun along the way. We approach our business and the organizations we support with a positive, nurturing philosophy. This is the core of our success.




standing tall

The Women Run values of “work hard & play hard” are the foundation of our corporate culture. For us, women who run, that means creating a family friendly environment which fosters peace of mind. It means enjoying some form of daily exercise which creates balance and saves our sanity. It means celebrating each person’s strengths, and indulging each and every day in yummy chocolate treats!




the next step

We’ve created something contagious that infects people with enthusiasm – and we are asking for help to spread the word while we build a community around Women Run. Our contagious products have “legs” to stand on. It’s purchasing with a purpose. We are creating a community of runners that support and encourage each other. You may just be running this week’s carpool- but you can do it in style by wearing one of our badges of honor (aka: a super cute hat!).